How to prepare your house and make it sell quickly in Spain.

How to prepare your house and make it sell quickly in Spain.

How to prepare your house and make it sell quickly in Spain. MM squiggle

How to prepare your house and make it sell quickly in Spain

The housing market in Spain continues to remain stable despite the turmoil in world economics, and many people are still choosing Spain as a destination to invest in property, especially in resales.  One trend in the Spanish property market is known technique of "Home Staging".  Home Staging is valuable for speeding up the process of buying and selling a house and emphasises the importance of why it pays to prepare your home in advance before you sell it in Spain.

Home stages in your Spanish home is simply applying some simple tricks, such as:

Tidying up and de-cluttering rooms

Depersonalising the property for sale and presenting them with an up to date modern appearance might indeed help. Also showing properties to the future buyer or tenant through expert photography

Investing in the preparation of your home in Spain, before selling it, is very profitable. It is important to note that we are talking about investing and not spending, because if you sell beforehand you will get a price, you will recover your investment.

5 Reasons Home Staging Helps

Crisp Clear Photographs and 360 Walk Troughs

When you search for a villa, enter the parameters (i.e. area, price, size and some other characteristics) -  you will be unconsciously drawn to the cover photo. If the rest of the photos also catch your eye, you will be ready to call and arrange a viewing.  With a 360 you can simply walk through the property to get a feel for it.

 Small Changes Help Increase The Price

Your house may be in good condition, but we all know that after some time living in a house, wear and tear starts to show and the house will have its flaws. By fixing and maintaining these points, you get property should be impeccable which means less room to negotiate the selling price.

Increase Value

Statistically, in 37% of the cases in which a 'Home Staging' project has been carried out, the sale price rises up to 25% (2016 statistics published by the AHSE).  When your home is tidy, without excess furniture or personal belongings, with all the flaws fixed and a neutral decorating style, your home really shines out. It often happens that real estate agents value a property more highly when a home stager has been there, as your house stands out from the rest.

You will sell it sooner

In 62% of cases it has been found that a well prepared property sells in less than 40 days and in general, 8 times faster than the average in Spain. When a house sells fast, there is no time to lower the asking price. Think, how much will that first price drop be? 5,000 euros? 10,000 euros? Maybe more? Remember that the investment in 'Home Staging' is always less than this first price drop.

Save on Annual Running Costs

By selling your apartment or villa in a realistic timescale you won't have to continue paying monthly and annual property charges (mortgage, IBI, community fees, water, electricity etc.) and in many cases you won't have to bear double expenses if you already live in a new house.

Home Staging works and in Spain more and more of sellers are confirming this every day with quick sales successes, satisfied clients and achieved objectives, hence we confirm that investing in the preparation of your home before selling can be the difference between selling or not selling your home.

Source: Idealista